“Just nine months after we started your safety incentive program, we documented $1.3million in savings, and $2.2 million by year two.” – Cathy Atkins, WVNS

“We reduced our injuries from 295 to 14 in just one year, without injury hiding.”- Marie Huber, Heartland Foods

“We lost over $30,000 annually to income taxes when we awarded cash and store gift cards. Then, we switched to your tax-free safety incentive program and put 100% of our budget in the hands of our employees! And we increased behavior based observations and employee safety involvement by 44% in three months.” – Georgia Pacific

In the first nine months we boosted participation in our wellness program by 32%.” – First Atlanta Bank

On the last day of our program a driver damaged a new Ford Taurus he was transporting, disqualifying him for the final award in our incentive program. He drove four hours to ask me face-to-face, If I buy this car, will the incident count against me? When I asked him why he would want to buy a new car just to get the final award, he said, “I can’t be the only guy in my terminal without one of those JACKETS!” – Biff Wilson, Motor Convoy Company

Feedback from Participating Employees

We have returned from our Disney trip and wanted to let you know just how much we enjoyed our vacation. Old KeyWest was fabulous, the Acclaim car transport was wonderful, and our only problem with the vacation is that we wore ourselves out. Thank you for arranging such a great vacation. – Linda Pfeiffer and family.

Bright Ideas Suggestion Program

For an investment of $7,500 we received a return in excess of $125,000. –  Vic Anapolle, Darex Container Products

Vic Anapolle, Darex Container Products Let us show you how our BRIGHT IDEAS incentive program can produce similar results. A properly designed and implemented suggestion program can return significant bottom line results. It will also be a powerful assist to many of your other efforts. It is all about recognition or saying thanks.

Just four months after we implemented the new incentive program, The ALARA group has received 52 valid Bright Idea suggestions. This is an overwhelming response considering that we only received 15 last year, and only 4 the year before! We are grateful for your support. Thanks again for such an innovative promotion. – Russell F. James, Carolina Power & Light

Suggestion programs have been used for years. Some with excellent results and many more with the opposite outcome. We know how to assemble a program which will produce dramatic results. Together with our unique rewards and tracking systems you will have time to pursue other objectives. In just one year, we cut accidents by 44%, and put $100,000 on our bottom line. – John Johnson, CEO Sunbeam Bakeries


Before we started using the Star Perk Safety Incentive Program, our 1000 employees only came up with three quality improvement suggestions in 1989. In 1990, after using the Star Perk Program for only nine months, we received over 130 new ideas! Just one of the ideas paid for our program TENFOLD! – South Carolina Electric & Gas

The Star Perk Program is cranking out good ideas in Kentucky, and saved Johnson Controls over $304,000. – The Wall Street Journal

Florida Power reports an investment of $5,000 in Star Perks, and over $100,000 in savings. – The Tampa Tribune

The Star Perk Program helped us reduce injuries from 285 lost time accidents to only 14, without injury hiding. – Heartland Foods

We slashed absenteeism by 60% and the Star Perk Program is the biggest factor in making that happen. After negotiating a change in our union contract the union president told me, I’ll pay for part of our insurance, but if you try to take those Star Perks away, we will have to put on the boxing gloves. I knew right then we had a winner with our Star Perks Program. – Kenny Sawyer, Dorsey Trailers

“You wouldn’t believe the smiles when we started handing out StarPerks. We took pictures, people were holding up their StarPerks and grinning from ear to ear! I can’t wait to kick off the program next week with our second shift! – John Snider, Sysco Foods

“Star Perks has really been successful at our location. We have around 335 employees and started the program January 1, 2004. We have completed 110 days without the first recordable incident, and only a couple of first aids. We have completed almost 750,000 man-hours without a lost work day. Our goal is to get the 1 million man-hour without a lost time. This should occur around September. Our next goal is complete the year without a recordable. This program has been easy to administer and is user friendly. We are very pleased and the rest of our company is asking more questions about the success we are having at our location.” – Jimmy Welch, Weyerhauser

Your company has done a fantastic job for Cooper Smith. The Cooper Smith Star Perk Program and your help and direction have been instrumental in helping us reduce accidents AND promote a safe working environment.” – John Johnson, President and COO Cooper Smith, Inc.

Wellness Programs

“In the first nine months we boosted participation in our wellness program by 32%.” – First Atlanta Bank

“Thanks to your program, our lost time injuries have dropped almost 70% over last year.” – Major Chemicals Manufacturer

“The program has been a real hit! I have people standing in line each morning to see our scores.  I would never have believed your program would have generated so much success!” – Dan Kingsley

Award of Excellence Program

The program is going GREAT. No injuries to report this year (and with two major outages that was impressive). Employees responding well and they like the new program.– Cathy Turbidy, Waste Management Inc.

The facility has just been audited by OSHA and been awarded the VPP Star level. Paul credits both their internal programs and Sims for the progress that they have made during the past two years. Phil Walsh – Hunter

Thank you so much for working with us to get these final points entered! I have truly enjoyed the experience. I hope that in the future, should we have budget approval, that we can again do business with your company. Leigh Anne Salmon-Bassinger, RN, BSN, Coordinator Occupational Health for Jefferson County

“Our improved bright-ideas program delivered $8 million to the bottom line.” – Siemens

“Worker’s Comp dropped by $1.9 million in just one year.” – CA Horsemen’s Safety Society

“Unscheduled absenteeism went down by over 80%.” – Dorsey Trailers

“Wellness participation increased by 70%.” – Bank South

“In the first nine months we boosted participation in our wellness program by 32%.” – First Atlanta Bank

Audio Case Studies