Safety Leader Shares the Greenbean Leadership Approach with Team

Safety Leader Shares the Greenbean Leadership Approach with Team

Got this letter from the president of a midwestern energy company . . .

I was in your breakout session in Fort Worth at the NRECA Safety Summit a few weeks ago. Actually, I just finished your book a few minutes ago. I started reading it late yesterday at work. I really enjoyed the book, in fact, we conducted an employee survey last month and I am going over the results. Ironically, there were so many responses that stuck out and parallel much of the information in your book. I am typing up a summary of the book with the major highlights so that we can discuss this as a staff.

We have experienced a lot of turnover due to retirements and have inserted/promoted people into those supervisor positions that just didn’t receive the necessary preparation to take on those roles. They are trying to supervise/manage the way their previous supervisor managed them, which in many cases may not have been the correct approach.

I would like the link to your presentation if you can send me the link. Also, do you have a fee schedule for working with management and supervisors and a little bit of information of how your training sessions might work?



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