Positive Reinforcement Systems For Leadership Development

Positive Reinforcement Systems For Leadership Development


Every leader or manager’s nightmare is a recognition program that is perceived as playing favorites. We’ve all heard employees or coworkers remark about how they do twice the work of someone else, but the other person makes more money.

When we survey employees and management of different companies, 90 percent of them say that recognition and positive reinforcement is inconsistent and haphazard. They go on to tell us that they have no systems in place to measure recognition and positive reinforcement.

Leading a company in that way is like flying blind through a canyon. If they make it through, it will be by sheer luck and not because of great leadership.

Every company needs a system that allows them to track how and when they’re employees are recognized and appreciated. Systems that track and reinforce employee behaviors that deliver the results that make a difference for the company.

Every leader needs to be able to do that every day he/she goes to work. That’s what behavior-based recognition and positive reinforcement is all about.

Green Bean Leadership offers on-site leadership development workshops to help you harness the remarkable power of positive reinforcement that great leaders are known for. We also offer online leadership development workshops that will provide you with everything you will need to begin seeing measurable changes in behavior immediately.

The Green Bean Leadership Program is built on over 30 years of implementation in organizations worldwide. Bill Sims, Jr. has developed behavior change systems for more than 1000 companies worldwide. Companies like Disney, DuPont, Ford and Coca-Cola, to name a few.  Learn how these principles of leadership, positive reinforcement and employee engagement can be applied in your own workplace to produce positive changes in behavior and positive results for your company.



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