New Plant Manger, New Changes

New Plant Manger, New Changes

Bill, I enjoyed your Raffles Sacramento presentation, you gave me some great ideas to work with. Also I  was impressed with your time keeping, you kept the show moving.

So here’s the story you asked me to email you. I use to work for Nestle in the UK and we had a factory canteen that was used by both managers and blue collar workers. There was a smoked glass divide in the canteen that separated the managers from the blue collar workers.

There was always some resentment that the managers got looked after better on their side of the divide. When a new factory manager came in to run the plant, he started to make some changes.

The biggest change was when the new boss
had the divide in the canteen removed. What he did next was to put two different color chairs in the canteen, one color chair for suits and one color chair for workers who might be wearing soiled clothes. These chairs were mixed around the tables. After just a week, the difference was amazing, employees felt that they were on the same team resulting in a much better attitude with the work force.

Thanks again for a great presentation, Tony S


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