Learn The Green Bean Approach To Leadership At VPPPA

Learn The Green Bean Approach To Leadership At VPPPA



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[message_box title=”BILL SIMS – VPPPA WORKSHOP” color=”yellow”]”Green Beans & Ice Cream: The End of Lagging Indicator Incentives as We Know Them.” – August 27th at 1pm.[/message_box]

bill-sims-294pxPlease join me for this high-energy session on moving your organization from lagging to leading!

Perhaps no greater area in safety and leadership has produced as much debate and controversy as the use of incentives. Incentive programs and the issue of injury hiding will be explored and a number of myths will be debunked. First, rewarding “lagging indicators” does not always cause injury hiding. Other hidden causes of injury hiding separate from incentives will be revealed.

Next, a leadership strategy to eliminate injury hiding from incentive systems will be revealed, providing a strategy that compliments behavior based approaches, and increases their effectiveness. Also, if safety really is its own reward, then why do safety professionals have such a hard time selling this concept to some on their team?

GBICCover-flatWe will explore these questions and probably a few more at this year’s VPPPA conference. Please join me at this leadership workshop and learn how to transform your organization into one that’s leading indicator driven, achieving more, while reducing accidents.

All attendees will receive a free copy of my book “Green Beans and Ice Cream: The Remarkable Power of Positive Reinforcement.”

Get the book, and learn more about our unique approach to behavior change, at GREENBEANBOOK.COM 



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