How To Change Employee Behavior

  How To Change Employee Behavior Bill Sims first book “Green Beans and Ice Cream” is garnering rave reviews and is available at and on I would like to thank you for taking just a few minutes to chat with me about Leadership development and how it affects employee behavior. The words “I quit” have…

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Great Leadership And Positive Reinforcement

How leadership affects behavior Leadership always has an affect on Employee behavior, but great leadership understanding how to use Positive reinforcement in the workplace to reinforce the behaviors that drive profitability. Positive reinforcement may seem like an obvious thing for a good leader or manager to do.  Seriously, who doesn’t know that you should tell your…

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Leadership: The Stuff That Rolls Downhill

Some anonymous soldier once observed that when bad things happen to the leadership, somthing bad inevitably happens to the soldiers in his command. The principle was immortalized in an expression about the stuff that rolls downhill. For many people, the things that “roll downhill” are expected to be unpleasant, negative, or punishing. This is why…


Does Punishment Equal Leadership?

In an award winning Super Bowl commercial, Reebok poked fun at “tough guy” leadership styles. “We asked Reebok to help us improve office productivity, we had no idea how effective their methods would be” says the CEO in the commercial. Next we see a bunch employees goofing off only to be mauled and tackled by Terry…

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Learn The Green Bean Approach To Leadership At VPPPA

  Join Me at VPPPA and Get a Free Book! Get a unique, front-line, results-focused take on leadership and learn how thousands of companies become more productive. [message_box title=”BILL SIMS – VPPPA WORKSHOP” color=”yellow”]”Green Beans & Ice Cream: The End of Lagging Indicator Incentives as We Know Them.” – August 27th at 1pm.[/message_box] Please join me…


Spreading the Power of Positive Reinforcement

I always enjoy hearing when readers liked “Green Beans and Ice Cream” so much that they had to share it. Cindy Worell, a branch manager at Prospect Mortgage in Massachusetts, recently sent me an email saying she did just that. Worell’s family has been involved in fundraising for a number of community groups for the past 10 years,…


Lincoln Electric

I recently borrowed from my local library the new book Spark, a very clearly written and insightful book by a Canadian journalist with a Masters degree in engineering from MIT. Based in Ottawa, Canada, Frank Koller has shared an invaluable story of how a traditional manufacturing company can in fact thrive in North America, and…