Global Safety Institute Formed

Bill Sims, Jr, President of Bill Sims Company and Ben WIlson, Managing Director of Wilson Consulting Group announced the formation of Global Safety Institute, at The purpose of the organization is stated as follows: “We created the Global Safety Institute because we needed a better way to measure organisations true safety performance, we needed…

George Washington leading troops

Leadership Tip #1: Put Your Troops First

The best leadership tips often come from the stories of great leaders. In this story You’ll see how George Washington’s leadership tip was to put his troops first. Travel with me, if you will, to 1777, to Valley Forge, Pennsylvania.  George Washington has just suffered another brutal defeat by the British Army, who have conquered…

factory manager communicating withworker

The Best Leadership Strategies

The best leadership strategies are the ones that cause you to be better at developing committed employees. Employee performance is that extra something you’ve been looking for to move profitability, quality, safety and customer satisfaction to the next level. The secret to great leadership strategies begins with positive reinforcement. Now, I’m not talking about employee…


Positive Reinforcement Systems For Leadership Development

Positive Reinforcement Systems For Leadership Development   Every leader or manager’s nightmare is a recognition program that is perceived as playing favorites. We’ve all heard employees or coworkers remark about how they do twice the work of someone else, but the other person makes more money. When we survey employees and management of different companies,…


Leadership Development Systems

Leadership Development Systems Leadership Development Systems are crucial for the success of any business. Management style plays a key role in employee engagement and ultimately in the employees attitude towards the business and it’s customers, quality, safety, etc… Harnessing The Remarkable Power Of Positive Reinforcement. Leadership development is crucial for every business. It doesn’t matter…