Now, Bill’s award 5 star Leadership Workshop is available across Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Go-To-Meeting (and also onsite as the Pandemic eases up). You can train your leaders any time, anywhere on the planet. Web workshop investments start at just $2500…call us at 803.600.8325 for details.

About the Workshop

Produce dramatic improvements in leadership, employee retention, safety, wellness, bright ideas, employee morale and more while LOWERING costs and eliminating administrative headaches.

This award-winning leadership workshop has received high marks at major industry conferences in Australia, Greece, South Africa, the American Society of Safety Engineers and many others. Learn how R+ systems are rapidly generating measurable employee performance improvements for companies worldwide.

5 things you’ll learn in leadership development workshops:

  • Why most Behavior Based Safety (BBS) processes fail soon after implementation
  • Three ways to identify potential leaders and nurture emerging leadership skills
  • The hidden trap of “Leave Alone/Zap” management
  • To assess your culture and determine whether your systems rely on positive or negative reinforcement—the answers will amaze you!
  • How to track and measure results of behavior change and human performance improvement
  • How to establish supervisor accountability for your change initiatives

This leadership workshop is packed with tips and strategies you can apply immediately. Don’t miss this chance to get the latest research and results on behavior recognition and retention!

Who Should Attend Leadership Development Workshop?

Anyone responsible for improving performance in your organization!

  • CEOs and Senior Managers
  • HR & Safety Managers
  • Operations Managers
  • Customer Satisfaction Managers

Feedback From A Leadership Development Workshop

“Bill, my sincere thanks to you for making safety a central topic of our convention, as I had hoped we would do with a presentation that would catch everyone’s attention. Thank you for the work that you do every day in saving lives. It is noble work. Cynthia Mills, President & CEO, Carolinas AGC,

“I told my boss this was a “no-brainer, a do it or DO IT. Bill exceeded our expectations and made a profound impact on our leadership team. We will never look at human behavior the same way.” -Pfizer Executive

“We struggle on how to sell behavioral systems to our Leadership Team….you have cracked the code on how to do this.” Construction CEO

“Some of my ops guys don’t “get safety” yet…they see it as existing in a silo. I look forward to your assistance in helping them think outside the safety box.” President of major construction firm….

“Best training I’ve ever attended.”
          Larry Cancel, Controller, Eaton Corporation.

I am truly astounded. My entire management team has completely bought into BBS, even the most resistant to change. Bill is being quoted by all. My Mfg Manager and Controller (both very resistant to change) are both totally onboard. Now, we have to go the next level!! – Linda Littke HR Manager-Eaton Corporation