Produce dramatic improvements in leadership, retention, safety, wellness, bright ideas, employee morale and more while LOWERING costs and eliminating administrative headaches.

Leadership Development Workshops For Lasting Change

Leadership Speaker and Author, Bill Sims Jr will change the way that you think and lead with on-site Leadership  Development Workshops. These workshops will reveal a proven process of leadership that results in positive behavior changes that have helped hundreds of firms improve human performance for over 30 years.

Based upon the laws of human behavior and over 100 years of scientific research, your team will learn best practices that will help you secure dramatic improvements in your own organization immediately.

The tools and strategies you will take away from Green Bean Leadership Development Workshops will produce measurable, rapid behavior change.

Unlike other approaches to behavior change, Green Bean Leadership Development Workshop is focused, streamlined, and designed to get results now. Combining both theory and hands on implementation, the session gives your team practical tools for obtaining the best possible results from your employees.

Whether your focus is leadership, quality, safety, customer service or productivity improvement, Bill’s Leadership Development Workshop will give you the tools you need to get results right away. After all, business is behavior. To change your results, you have to change behavior.

Who Should Attend Our Leadership Development Workshops?

Anyone responsible for improving performance in your organization!

  • CEOs and Senior Managers
  • HR & Safety Managers
  • Operations Managers
  • Customer Satisfaction Managers

Leadership Development Workshop Training Options

You have three options for taking your team through our Leadership Development Workshop Training:

  1. Live Leadership Workshop
  2. Online Leadership Workshop
  3. DVD Leadership Workshop

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