Dr. Charlie Cartwright

“Helping organizations achieve greatness by tapping into the greatness of their people.”

Dr. Charlie Cartwright is one of the foremost experts on employee engagement in the world. With over thirty years of business and leadership experience and an unparalleled body of research, he is uniquely positioned to help improve your business’ bottom line.

Charlie spent 20 years of his career working in leadership within UPS and FedEx. The practical lessons, insights and operational excellence that he gained during this time are priceless. He has chosen to share the knowledge gained through his work history and research with his clients.

Charlie’s concepts have helped organizations from coast to coast. He analyzes current systems, protocols, and practices and recommends, implements, and consults with each employer to ensure swift and cost effective results. These resolutions drive consistently superior results and improve the bottom line.

he key to these results is empowering leaders to connect with their workforce.  No matter the objective an organization wants to achieve, the path always leads through their people.  An organization cannot achieve and maintain superior levels of performance without first engaging their workforce.  Charlie’s experience, knowledge, and skills provide a unique understanding of people.  He knows what resonates as well as what drives and motivates the ways people think, feel, and behave.  This understanding is passed on to his clients who in turn use it to achieve spectacular results.

He has recently developed a training module series that focuses on improving workplace environment, communication, culture, and morale. These modules educate all layers of personnel. Leaders to laborers learn the importance of these four key elements and their impact on the overall health and sustainability of an organization.

Dr. Cartwright is also a highly sought after international consultant and professional speaker.

His events take him all over the country to speak about business related topics such as: organizational culture, morale, safety, and leadership. His insights help business leaders achieve great results by tapping into the inherent greatness of their people.

Articles by Charlie Cartwright

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