Speaker – Consultant – Entrepreneur

Teaching great leaders the remarkable power of positive reinforcement!

Chance M. Brooker is a global keynote speaker, specializing in the field of leadership, and behavioral science. Chance has addressed audiences throughout the US and globally with a focus on personal leadership, helping others to chart their own path to peak performance.

After early success in the world of public relations, Chance found his gift in serving others to unlock their true potential. He soon partnered with a NASDAQ firm and developed their fastest growing team in his first 18 months. Convinced that his message of personal leadership had a broader application, Chance left to pursue his dream of inspiring others to unlock their hidden potential.

A “gray haired” millennial, Chance’s special focus is exploring the challenges of engaging the millennials. He studies employee engagement and what it takes to reach the Generation M, who will make up 75% of the workforce in ten years or less.

Chance joined Greenbean Leadership as Vice President in 2017. He is currently co-writing a book with Bill Sims Jr. entitled “Green Beans & Ice Cream: Boomers vs. Millennials – Bridging the Great Divide”

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What People Have Said:

“Great job and delivery, Chance. Made a lasting impression.” – Jason Reed, Union Pacific

“His training and motivation around leadership development and belief systems is second to none.” P. Bellmoff, Director of Community Engagement at Pivotal Performance Processes

“Chance brought an extremely fresh perspective to our platform. His enthusiasm and insights about leadership, mindset and behavior have been of great benefit to our participants.”Peter Gibson, Founder of Cross Coaching

“Our distributor teams in TN had been struggling for years trying to gain traction and grow revenue. We partnered with Mr. Brooker and soon we started seeing real results within our teams. We started to believe we could hit milestones never achieved in our company. We thank you for your leadership and heart!”Jackie Frakes, LifeVantage INC.