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billsimsjrhiresCreate a Change In Your Culture With Top Keynote Speaker Bill Sims

Leadership keynote speaker and author, Bill Sims, Jr., has developed behavior change systems for more than 1000 companies worldwide. For more than 40 years, the Bill Sims Company has created behavior based recognition programs and positive reinforcement programs that have helped leaders of large and small firms to inspire better performance from employees and increase bottom line profits.

Bill’s book entitled Green Beans & Ice Cream has been inducted into the Executive Book Club at DisneyBoeing, and UPS. Bills approach to leadership, positive reinforcement and behavior change is thought provoking and inspiring on many levels. Bill will help you to define the qualities of great leadership and redefine how to achieve the results that you desire as a leader. You will be shocked and surprised by what you learn.

More than 1,000 firms have benefited from Bill’s leadership seminars, including Dupont, Siemens VDO, Coca-Cola, and Ford, to name a few. For information regarding booking Bill Sims, Jr as a leadership keynote speaker, or for a seminar for your association or company please email for details.

Teaching great leaders the remarkable power of positive reinforcement!

Chance M. Brooker is a global keynote speaker, specializing in the field of leadership, and behavioral science. Chance has addressed audiences throughout the US and globally with a focus on personal leadership, helping others to chart their own path to peak performance.