How To Design A Business For Success

How To Design A Business For Success

Every leader wants to know how to design their business for success, but what few realize is that business is behavior. That means that in order to improve the results you’re getting, you have to change the behavior of the people who come to work everyday.

Think about this: Your organization is perfectly designed to produce the results you are now getting.

All of the consequences you now get and all the behaviors you have are a direct result of how you have designed your business. You have a perfect design for all of the safety problems, the defects, the quality problems and the customer service problems. You have a perfect design to get those results every day.
The only way to improve the results you’re getting is to change the behaviors of the organization.

How is that done?

We teach this in our Leadership Development Workshop .
We do what my mom did when I was three years old: She said “Son, if you eat your green beans (she pinpointed the desired behavior), you can have some ice cream.”

It worked! I’m still eating green beans today. I’ve eaten a lot of them.

What Mom did is the same that we do as adults to get the results that we want. We pinpoint the behaviors we want and we positively reinforce those behaviors immediately. We do that systematically and watch human behavior skyrocket.
The results can be amazing!

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