Good News from Bill Sims…

As the Pandemic loosens its grip on the world, I hope  you and yours are well and safe. My family and I all have the vaccine and our health, for which we are very thankful, while we are mindful in our prayers for those who suffered greatly and those who we lost.  Let us all remember the battle is not over, yet.


During the roller coaster ride of 2020, I have worked really hard to become a polished  virtual presenter.


I’ll be honest with you….when it dawned on me that I would have to figure out how to present virtually instead of in person, and yet still engage and hold an audience’s attention my gut reaction was:


“That’ll never work.”


It’s hard enough to hold an audience when you are with them in person….but exponentially tougher to hold them when they are virtual.  But, I rolled up my sleeves and got work figuring out how to become a world class global speaker.


Guess what? It’s working. I’ve got more bandwidth than I ever dreamed.  Just completed a session with leaders in Greece, and am currently training over 1,000 leaders in soft skills such as communication and positive reinforcement….achieving audience scores of 4.9 out of 5 from virtual sessions.


Here’s what Kim Shannon, from NASA has to say:


“I have heard Bill speak multiple times at conferences and his presentation really spoke to me.   With his enthusiasm and energetic style, I felt it was something my team needed to hear.   Since the current pandemic has caused various changes to the way we do business today, Bill was able to make accommodations and provide our team an amazing presentation virtually through Microsoft TEAMS.   This gave our employees the ability to log in from work or home, increasing our participation from employee to upper level management.  I have received many emails of thanks and appreciation…. some stating, “this was very thought provoking” and a “very insightful” presentation.   I would absolutely recommend him to present to your teams.  The information he provides is crucial to building and improving upon your safety culture.”



To learn more about my virtual workshops (which start at just $2500), just click the link at the top of for a short 5 minute video.


I look forward to seeing you at ASSP and NSC this fall!


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