Global Safety Institute Formed

Global Safety Institute Formed

Bill Sims, Jr, President of Bill Sims Company and Ben WIlson, Managing Director of Wilson Consulting Group announced the formation of Global Safety Institute, at

The purpose of the organization is stated as follows:

“We created the Global Safety Institute because we needed a better way to measure organisations true safety performance, we needed a way to understand the inputs, or what’s driving these results, we needed the data to support our insights that would help us make better proactive decisions around where to focus and on what, to help reduce risk, improve performance and drive engagement.

For too long we have relied on LAG indicators to define our organisations safety performance, the shift to lead indicators has been superficial with limited impact so we needed a better way to understand the inputs that are creating the culture that drives our output performance results, in real-time, engaging directly with all stakeholders. If we can gather the data that provides the insight around how we are truly performing in safety, we have a much better chance of being able to improve our results.

“Coming from an operations background and leading teams in a high-risk environment made me realise safety is not just a number on a board or report some place, it’s a direct reflection of the care and commitment we have for one another! Unfortunately, the way we measure, monitor and engage our workforces today around safety often reflects the later, safety is a task, compliance driven and required if you want to get paid. We needed to change this, so we created an environment (The Global Safety Institute) where organisations can measure, monitor, and engage with their stakeholders on much more than just how many injuries we have had, how often, and how bad!” – Ben Wilson, Managing Director of Wilson Consulting Group

“For over 50 years, our firm has helped leaders change behavior through positive reinforcement, thereby harnessing the power of the human factor. Out tools and systems have helped to measure and reinforce behaviors at the top, middle, and on the front lines of business. When I met Ben, it was clear to me that we needed a global organization dedicated to helping companies advance the science of enterprise safety engagement. I am proud to be a part of this new endeavour.” – Bill Sims Jr., President of Bill Sims Greenbean Leadership


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