Working at NASA’s Johnson Space Center, we like to think we have very strong safety culture as failure is not an option when you are striving to put humans in space.    With that said, we are always looking for continuous improvements.

I have heard Bill speak multiple times at conferences and his presentation really spoke to me.   With his enthusiasm and energetic style, I felt it was something my team needed to hear.   Since the current pandemic has caused various changes to the way we do business today, Bill was able to make accommodations and provide our team an amazing presentation virtually through Microsoft TEAMS.   This gave our employees the ability to log in from work or home, increasing our participation from employee to upper level management.  I have received many emails of thanks and appreciation…. some stating, “this was very thought provoking” and a “very insightful” presentation.

I would absolutely recommend him to present to your teams.  The information he provides is crucial to building and improving upon your safety culture and the behavior-based safety process.

Thank you,

Kimberley Shannon, ASP, MSOC Safety Representative

Corporate Management & Participant Feedback


Thank you for the opportunity to comment on your session this morning. Your delivery was excellent, and the content was aligned to the theme of our program. You were so well prepared and such a personable and engaging speaker. I give my highest recommendation to you and your message of positive reinforcement. Safe travels and I know you will be hearing from many in our audience soon!  Great job!

Judith Warden, Ed.D, CEO, Blue Ribbon Schools of Excellence, Inc., Atlanta Office

Bill spoke to our clients in Las Vegas in September as our keynote address to kick off our 2 day meeting.  He was the perfect fit for our owner/principal and department manager audience.  Our meeting is completely dedicated to safety and loss prevention in the pest control industry and Bill’s message was motivating and energizing.  Our industry does a pretty fair job of controlling losses but we can improve our level of safety by teaching positive reinforcement at our supervisory level.  I am currently working with my captive clients to figure out a good delivery method for Bill’s message across the group of 85 companies that we insure. 

Linda Midyett, Area Vice President, Safety and Loss Prevention – PestSure


In a time of change with economy, downsizing, and ever more complexities introduced into the workplace – I found Bill’s message very timely and simply put.  The concept is translatable and leaves everyone with the feeling this can be done.  That says more for a keynote than anything else I could say.

He speaks from the heart, and having met his family, know they live that message every day.  Very powerful.

You and your attendees couldn’t make a better choice, and I’ve been running both State safety events in Alaska for 6 years.  Bill holds my highest regards and recommendation.


Thanks for the advice on how to use positive reinforcement with my kids and their allowance.  I’ve just started using your suggestion to pay and praise them immediately for the chores they do.  My 11-year-old son folded all the laundry last night, and I’ve never seen them actually excited about taking the trash out.  Your advice really works!


I had the pleasure of meeting Bill in connection with a Goodwill Insurance Association meeting recently. I was taken with him to the point that I recommended him for presentation at Goodwill’s international training meeting for Goodwill CEO’s. Bill presents in a fresh way information essential in today’s workplace to encourage the behavioral change necessary to improve safety performance.  His presentation is engaging, data driven and compelling. If you believe, as I do, that safety performance begins with senior leadership, you will appreciate what he has to say.

William G. Oakley, President and CEO, Goodwill Industries of Central Florida, Inc.

From ASSE 2012:
Additional comments about the session or speaker:

  • Count/ Response
  • 1 Awesome!
  • 1 Excellent presentation
  • 1 Excellent session.
  • 1 Excellent. Done with passion, provides a good reminder to focus on positive reinforcement.
  • 1 Good voice – slides – presentation skills!
  • 1 Great ideas for a supervisor perspective .
  • 1 Great skills and very dynamic. Great business case for positive reinforcement.
  • 1 Leave time for questions.
  • 1 The session was good
  • 1 Very good.
  • 1 Very motivational and inspiring.
  • 1 good session that helps re-emphasize the need to do the positive re-enforcement
  • 1 I really like the speaker’s energy and connection to the audience. Great information and great story telling.
  • 1 Awesome, dynamic speaker. Plan to purchase new book and would love to see him at another conference.
  • 1 Good topic for CEOs – need to figure out how to get the ideas to a useable level for plant EHS Managers.
  • 1 Very good session. Mr. Sims provided meaningful information in the approach of offering positive commentary to folks rather than negativity. I appreciate the focus on humanity and compassion rather than on money and numbers.
  • 1 While I read about the presentation and have one on a DVD, I thought Bill Sims did a better job in the subject of incentives in person.
  • 1 Bill Sims has some great reminders in providing positive and constructive feedback. Work your way up from the bottom with reinforcements.
  • 1 Bill Sims reinforced how much better it is to recognize the people that are doing things the right way. Good idea on how to do positive reinforcement. Gave me a new perspective with regards to the absence of accidents vs. are we really behaving safely.


Your class was well presented and some behavioral based changes we need to incorporate in our business. Especially the way the industry reacts towards the lag indicators which puts us behind the eight ball before we even start. I think this is a great class and hope to put it in use later this year. Thank You,

William M. Stump, Regional Safety Manager, Rumpke Consolidated Companies


I was at your meeting in Greensboro, NC yesterday. I was with the safety Senior manager and 2 safety supervisors. I was the only Management from the production side there. It was an eye opener. We are looking at starting a safety incentive program. I admit I was the ONE who raised his hand when you asked “who believes safety is part of your employment requirements, expectations”.  I left with a softer more willing to be open to new ideas attitude. “Zero Unsafe Behaviours & Conditions” is what we’re after.
Senior Manager Outbound, Ralph Lauren


I wanted to pass along a word of thanks.  At dinner on Friday night, your talk generated quite a buzz.  Everyone had an opinion, and it was awesome hearing all of our guys talking about what it takes to be an effective leader.

Jim D.  3/4/2012
Just a note of thanks for a powerful session this morning. I enjoyed it in the moment, but it is several hours later that I’ve had some time to reflect on the principles of positive reinforcement that it became more powerful. I know that most of the lessons were about safety, but somehow they resonated in other areas of my life.

Since I left the class this morning, I’ve had a chance to discuss it with someone who missed the class. As I was sharing the principles, it became very clear some of the classic mistakes I’ve made trying to get the resultsI want. I also just spoke with my wife and told her that she will get the ribbon! She’s been a constant for our family while I’ve been off gallivanting around the world for the past 20 years, and I haven’t told her thank you enough. So just wanted to pass on a bit of  positive reinforcement to you.

Keep up the good work!.
Manager, Marathon Oil, Equatorial Guinea, Africa


The feedback from the session last week has been overwhelmingly positive.  The group attending this session were senior and middle managers, with  ~ 15 years of service at the company.  Needless to say, convincing this group of the need to change is no small task.

However, your demonstrations clearly pointed out one of our major (operational / quality/ and safety) issues, which is a lack of unity or consensus.  We have the best intentions and some of the brightest people.  But, as you showed us, we struggle due to our inability to agree on the basics and actions needed.

Thank you for tactfully, but definitively demonstrating our issues.  Some came to the session expecting “yet another” presentation and sales pitch from “yet another” consultant.  During the session, I tried to closely monitor everyone’s level of engagement.  You managed to provide the correct balance of data and entertainment.  Everyone came to the session expecting to hear only about safety.  By the end, everyone clearly saw the value of positive reinforcement in every aspect of our lives, not just our careers.

Kudos for a job well done.  We are certain this four hours will help us tremendously and our ROI will be immeasurable. Thanks.
Jeffery G. Reid, Department Manager, Devro, Inc.


“We heard about Bill from one of our captive members, so I “took a chance” in booking him for our keynote and a follow-up breakout session.  Glad we did!!

Bill was an excellent, well-prepared, personable speaker.  His overall message focused on safe behavior and recognition.  It couldn’t have tied in better to the rest of the agenda that participants enjoyed before and after.I have let all of my colleagues here know about Bill and they along with I, will be booking him for other workshops.  I strongly recommend Bill.

Kevin Marks, HSD, ARM
Vice President – Risk Control
Captive Resources, LLC


“Dear Bill….my sincere thanks to you for making safety a central topic of our convention, as I had hoped we would do with a presentation that would catch everyone’s attention. Thank you for the work that you do every day in saving lives. It is noble work.
Cynthia Mills, President & CEO, Carolinas AGC,

“I told my boss this was a “no-brainer, a do it or DO IT. Bill exceeded our expectations and made a profound impact on our leadership team. We will never look at human behavior the same way.” -Pfizer Executive

“We struggle on how to sell behavioral systems to our Leadership Team….you have cracked the code on how to do this.” Construction CEO

“Some of my ops guys don’t “get safety” yet…they see it as existing in a silo. I look forward to your assistance in helping them think outside the safety box.” President of major construction firm….

“Best training I’ve ever attended.” Larry Cancel, Controller, Eaton Corporation.

I am truly astounded. My entire management team has completely bought into BBS, even the most resistant to change. Bill is being quoted by all. My Mfg Manager and Controller (both very resistant to change) are both totally onboard. Now, we have to go the next level!!
Linda Littke HR Manager-Eaton Corporation
“I can attest that Bill was an excellent speaker at our event last month. Our Loss Prevention, Auditing & Safety conference was geared toward a more-senior level LP and safety crowd, and Bill worked with us to adapt his presentation so that it was applicable to the audience. His presentation received stellar reviews from attendees, many inquiring if he could speak to their groups, as well. Bill spent time learning who our audience was and was flexible in ensuring that his presentation provided meaningful education to everyone. I recommend Bill to present to your group.”—RILA organizer


As Bill mentioned we just completed the first training class (one day) and it was excellent. As I am certain you know, Behavioral Based Safety has been around for a number of years but Bill presentation really spells out how a great program should work and why. Bill took us through a history lesson of how behavioral based safety has evolved over the years and how behavioral science studies pinpoint how to create change in a peoples thinking. It was a very powerful course that was enjoyed by all of my folks. They have been asking for the next class. Our safety committee members attended the training and we will be implementing one of the proactive incentive programs.

If you have any questions or would like to know more feel free to contact me.

Jon Knowles, Plant Safety & Security, NAES Corporation, Plum Point Energy Station


Bill, hearing you in Chicago, the touching story you related to the audience on the miner – thought was the missing link – it made a connection to the heart of safety folks – the stories on behavior are needed for safety personnel to have a common ground with what you’re telling them – but tying it into the reason we are safety folks I believe was the final piece to the puzzle – I believe you’ll be hearing more comments like hers in the future.
People think I’m weird because I love reading psychology books, but I find the study of human behavior fascinating.  Bill, your approach is spot on!  I can tell you first hand that praise and reward has the greatest potential for bringing out the best in every person.  I was raised by an abusive step dad who felt it was his job to keep me beat down and humiliated.

I remember, as a little girl, I strived so hard to win his love and acceptance. After years of never being good enough and never having my good behavior acknowledged, I began to stop trying to be good and went in the opposite direction. My mindset became, “Being good gets me nowhere, so why not just have fun and do whatever I want to do.”  This behavior of course led me into a destructive lifestyle for many years.  Thank God I finally came to my senses and realized I was harming no one but myself.  If people could only see and understand that Positive breeds Positive and Negative breeds Negative.  I use the word “breed” because it multiplies many times over as it’s passed along.

You are a light shining in the darkness.  Don’t stop what you’re doing Bill. People in the workplace are dying on the inside and desperately need “hope” restored.  Although I’m not in a management position, I shall use that which I’ve gleaned from your workshop to brighten as many lives as possible each day by letting them know that their presence and effort is appreciated.
Thank you so very much!

P.S. Have you ever considered taking this message to the prison system?  Imagine the lives that could be turned around!

Bill Sims, Jr. and I were together in Chicago for ASSE’s 100th PDC from June 11th till 15th. Bill, as always, he did an outstanding job as a speaker. Feedback on Bill’s concept of “Behavior Change with positive reinforcement” employing methodology of utilizing “Smart Cards – You Did it Right” as a tool, is extremely valuable.

Bill Sims Company was founded by Mr. Sims, Sr. who served many industries of high repute in the world. Based on the gained experience in determining what industry needs are to reducing injuries, he developed principles derived from human psychology and tendency. He had engaged in conducting in-depth research and surveys of what is being done in industry and what results these techniques are yielding. He learned that punitive systems are not the answer as they lack sustainability!

I know that behavior-based recognition systems are fast becoming the preferred and positive road to successful safety records, dramatically reduced incidents, and unsafe practices, while also improving worker morale, efficiency, and in turn, bottom-line profits. Bill is an outstanding speaker possessing a pleasant personality.

I recommend Bill Sims, Jr. wholeheartedly as a keynote speaker at any conference of high repute!

Warmest regards!

Jitu C. Patel, CPEA, Fellow of the ASSE

I wanted to tell you that the presentation was awesome yesterday.  I am responsible for over 10k employees in Indiana and Michigan and the points about safety were actionable for me..  Great stuff on the reinforcement piece as well.  I coach kids from 4-10 in multiple sports and both the reinforcement and results driving behavior rang loudly for me.  I have three boys myself and have had to use a few of the ice cream tactics myself.  I really enjoyed the way you tailored your presentation to the LP profession, really shows something about the presenter..  Thanks again and keep up the great work.

Lowe’s Asset Protection Manager