Direct Supply Workshop Feedback

Direct Supply Workshop Feedback



A couple of weeks ago, at my invitation, Bill attended Direct Supply’s 8th annual Loss Prevention Forum. The attendees included risk and safety professionals from 22 large long term care corporations (assisted living and skilled nursing) as well as representatives from AHCA and NCAL (national long term health care associations). I invited him to present for 90-minutes on a topic that he clearly knows very well.

Bill does a good job with a topic that quite literally requires most of us to change the way they think about incentives. I found that Bill quickly convinced his audience of his knowledge and the importance of paying attention to him. He breaks it down and helps the audience along with engaging stories and example. Please do not expect him to stand behind a podium – he is an active presenter that clearly is having fun in the process.

Ray Miller
Dir. of Risk and Safety Solutions, Direct Supply



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