How To Change Employee Behavior


How To Change Employee Behavior

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I would like to thank you for taking just a few minutes to chat with me about Leadership development and how it affects employee behavior.
The words “I quit” have been heard by or spoken by just about everybody out there. In a recent study done by Gallup shows that 50% of workers reported quitting their jobs to get away from a bad boss.

How Bad Leadership Is Defined

In the Gallup study, employees indicated that bosses failed to set priorities for them and failed to give them feedback on how they’re doing. Not having this feedback drives people crazy. We all just inherently crave this sort of communication.
The study says that workers feel like they’re given little guidance for understanding what is expected of them.
Only 12% of employees strongly agreed that their manager helps them set work priorities. Those 12% tend to be much happier than those who score their bosses goal setting skills at the bottom end of the scale.

What Employees Need From Leaders

Clarity of expectations is perhaps the most basic of employee needs. It is vital to performance according to the report. So, it’s no big surprise that we want feedback. We want clear expectations. Workers who rank as the very happiest get that. Workers who don’t are out the door, looking for work.

How Leadership Is Measured

Those who want to be leaders don’t want to be average. They want to be great. So, what defines some of the great leaders like George Washington?
Some simple questions will help point out the answer:

Why Do We Have To Hire So Many?

If every single worker was perfect with perfect safety, perfect quality, perfect customer service, etc…we wouldn’t have to hire so many _________________.
Would you say managers or supervisors? You’re exactly right. If every single worker were perfect, we wouldn’t have to hire so many leaders.

Employee Behavior Under Supervision

What happens when you’re standing there with your clipboard or your checklist looking at the employee? They’re going to do the best job that they know how to do when the boss is standing there looking at them. So, what they do while the boss watches doesn’t really count.

Employee Behavior When You’re Not Looking

What really counts is what they do in the moment of choice, when no one is watching. What decisions do they make for quality, for safety, for productivity and customer satisfaction.
The real measure of great leaders is the ability to get more from people. More safety, more quality, more productivity. More than that person would normally give.
Whether we’re talking about employees, students in school, teenagers or two year olds at home, leaders have to get more performance from people. That is their mission in life. Its why leaders get paid to come to work.
Bill Sims, Jr. is a leadership speaker and author. Bills first book “Green Beans And Ice Cream” is garnering rave reviews and has been inducted into the Executive book clubs of top companies like Disney, Boeing and UPS. Bills leadership development workshops are offered both on-site  for your company as well as online.

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