Bill Sims 2021 Speaker Highlights

Bill Sims, Jr., is President of The Bill Sims Company, Inc.  For more than 30 years, Bill has created positive reinforcement systems that have helped large and small firms to inspire better performance from employees and increase bottom line profits.   He is a world renowned keynote speaker and recently was selected as one of the top ten speakers by the National Safety Council.

Bill‘s first  book,  entitled Green Beans & Ice Cream—The Remarkable Power of Positive Reinforcement, has garnered rave reviews.  He has built more than 1,000 positive reinforcement systems at firms including Dupont, Siemens VDO, Coca-Cola, and Disney, and holds issued patents in the field.  Recently, he formed to capture & share best practice safety leadership & culture around the planet.

Visit  and www.greenbeanspeaker.comto learn more.

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