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For years, safety leaders have been challenged with hitting the goal of zero injuries.

Millions of dollars are spent in search of Zero Injuries, the “Holy Grail” of safety. Many of these efforts have proved beneficial, and yet many others must be questioned.

Some of the finest safety cultures meet the goal of Zero Injuries, only to find that a tragic event shatters Zero. IT’S NOT WORKING.

Why does this happen?

Bill Sims, Jr presenting leadership keynoteIs Zero the right goal or is there a better one that will drive continuous safety improvement?

Learn what lies Beyond Zero, and how this is the goal your culture must strive for to not only survive but thrive in today’s competitive landscape.

This session was voted TOP 10 at NSC, and “Best Speaker” by attendees of ASSE, RILA, VPPPA and others.

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“Bill, my sincere thanks to you for making safety a central topic of our convention, as I had hoped we would do with a presentation that would catch everyone’s attention. Thank you for the work that you do every day in saving lives. It is noble work. Cynthia Mills, President & CEO, Carolinas AGC, www.cagc.org

“We struggle on how to sell behavioral systems to our Leadership Team….you have cracked the code on how to do this.” Construction CEO

“Some of my ops guys don’t “get safety” yet…they see it as existing in a silo. I look forward to your assistance in helping them think outside the safety box.” President of major construction firm….

I am truly astounded. My entire management team has completely bought into BBS, even the most resistant to change. Bill is being quoted by all. My Mfg Manager and Controller (both very resistant to change) are both totally on board. Now, we have to go the next level!! –  HR Manager-Eaton Corporation

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