A Great Example of Parental Leadership

A Great Example of Parental Leadership

Just got this email and wanted to share it with you. Thanks “A” for sending it and yes, I certainly want you to keep me posted on your progress . . . B

Good morning! (Super busy day in my ER patient access life and yes it is now 4:35pm)…
Thank you for your words of encouragement and speedy reply. That really made me smile.

I am about half-way through Green Beans & Ice Cream. I read a little, chew on it, pray about it and ask God to show me how I can genuinely apply it to my ENTIRE LIFE.

If you’ll indulge me just a bit…

I am a mother of three males (I used to say boys but now my twins are nearing 30 and my youngest is almost 18). The youngest just got his learner’s permit 8/18/15. My life = We drive…A LOT!!

After almost a month of driving and my incessant “coaching” it hit me that I was louder with my coaching than I was with my “great jobs”…

So two nights ago before we set out to drive I said to my son “I believe you are ready for more. I won’t be coaching every minute of the drive. I believe you are smart enough and have shown me enough skill that I just want you to focus on two things. I had his attention at “smart enough” J…

I want you to focus on SAFETY; the safety of you, me, animals, children, other drivers, property, etc…When we drive you keep us safe!

I want you to use critical forward thinking when you are making decisions. What I mean by that is if you are merging into traffic and you have 10 miles before you need a lane change act like it. But if you are merging into traffic and you have to cross three lanes in a short amount of time to position yourself for a left turn I need your to critically assess your needs BEFORE you pull out.

He stated he understood. I had him regurgitate it back to me so that I would KNOW he understood. This trip would be different, there would be no zapping!

1.75 hours later including a trip through the busiest intersection and parking at a parked Red Lobster eatery…SUCCESS.

The only time he heard from me was a praise as he took a corner SAFELY or as he merged onto the interstate and had to quickly maneuver into a middle lane to avoid being stuck in a right turn only exit. WOOHOO! Talk about a win/win!

He was beaming and my braking leg was in a resting position the entire time.

I have always believed I was a pretty darn good mom! Your book has been enlightening me to the possibilities of being a phenom mom.

Thank you and best wishes!

P.S. ~ I’m starting to utilize some things at work too with some of my more obstinate opportunities. I’ll keep you posted if you’d like.

May your day be blessed with the desires of your heart!


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