Leadership Training for Lasting Employee Engagement & Behavior Change.

Positive Changes in Behavior are Brought About by Great Leaders. Great leadership is an essential element in developing team members who care about the progress and prosperity of the company they work for. Bill Sims, Jr is a dynamic leadership speaker and creator of leadership development workshops.

Bill’s approach to leadership and behavior change is thought-provoking and inspiring on many levels. On-site leadership development workshops will help you harness the remarkable power of positive reinforcement that great leaders are known for.

We offer online leadership development workshops that will provide you with everything you will need to begin seeing measurable changes in behavior immediately.

The Green Bean Leadership Program is built on over 30 years of implementation in organizations worldwide. Bill has developed behavior change systems for more than 1000 companies worldwide. Companies like Disney, DuPont, Ford and Coca-Cola, to name a few. Learn how these principles of leadership, safety and employee engagement can be applied in your own workplace to produce positive changes in behavior.

Bill Sims, Jr., is President of The Bill Sims Company, Inc. For more than 40 years, the Bill Sims Company has inspired leaders and created behavior change systems that have helped large and small firms to inspire better performance from employees and increase bottom line profits.

Become a Behavior Change Leader

The Book



GBICCover-flatThe “secret sauce” for rapid, sustainable behavior change and engagement.

Green Beans & Ice Cream analyzes over 100 years of research in the field of human behavioral science, and compares it to “real world, in the trenches” true stories that Sims recounts.

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bill-workshop-emailpicLeadership Development Workshops For Lasting Change

Change the way that you think and lead with on-site Leadership Development Workshops. These workshops reveal a proven process of leadership that have helped hundreds of firms improve human performance for over 30 years.

Based upon the laws of human behavior and over 100 years of scientific research, your team will learn best practices that will help you secure dramatic improvements in your own organization immediately.

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gbl-smartcard3A convenient online live webinar format delivers leadership principles.

This award-winning leadership development workshop has received high marks at major industry conferences in Australia, Greece, South Africa, the American Society of Safety Engineers and many others. Learn how R+ systems are rapidly generating measurable employee performance improvements for companies worldwide.

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sims-videbug1Free Video – Why Zero Accidents is is Not Your Goal

In this video workshop, Bill Sims presents case studies and the problems in traditional thinking about safety incentive programs.

  • How years of rehearsing bad behaviors have triggered some of the highest profile accidents.
  • How ORKIN reduced injuries & vehicle crashes by 41% and saved $1.7 million, how ARB Construction saved $1.6 million in one year and Salem Carriers saved over $2 million with a 90% reduction of lost time injuries.
  • Practical steps you can take right now to improve your program.

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