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Thanks for reading Greenbeans & Ice Cream! I have two things for you here. First, the bonus videos mentioned in the book are below. Secondly, check your email for the passcode to my workshop video. You are free to share the video with your colleagues.

Diary of a Punisher – Tiger Oil




Terry Tate

Piano Stairs

“Take the stairs instead of the escalator or elevator and feel better” is something we often hear or read in the Sunday papers. Few people actually follow that advice. Can we get more people to take the stairs over the escalator by making it fun to do?

Biff Wilson and the Alaska Jacket

How Hard Could It Be? (external link)

A young employee came up with an idea that added a million dollars to our bottom line. How do we reward him for the contribution? Do we even have to? Read the story on Inc Magazine’s Blog . . .

Donna Prejean

Lincoln Electric (external link)

I recently borrowed from my local library the new book Spark, a very clearly written and insightful book by a Canadian journalist with a Masters degree in engineering from MIT. Based in Ottawa, Canada, Frank Koller has shared an invaluable story of how a traditional manufacturing company can in fact thrive in North America, and in particular in a northern mid-west, Rust-Belt city–Cleveland. Read The Post

Roland Fryer

In recent years, hundreds of schools have made these transactions more businesslike, experimenting with paying kids with cold, hard cash for showing up or getting good grades or, in at least one case, going another day without getting pregnant. Read Post

Fedex – All Over It

Blue Ribbon Story

 Norman The Doorman

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Screenshot 2015-05-29 23.04.58

Sounds crazy, but zero accidents is NOT the primary goal of your safety program. Then what is? Watch this short video and find out!

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